About the Hollister Ca, Studio

Private Reformer Lessons:

What is a reformer?

The Reformer is a very specialized piece of exercise equipment that utilizes springs of various weights to provide resistance and support. The movements that can be performed on the reformer vary from simple leg and arm work to full body exercises. The design of the machine uses the body weight of the client plus the added resistance of the springs to build muscle tone without bulk. Although the name conjures up images of a medieval torture devise, it is actually a very elegant, safe and effective piece of exercise equipment that is fun to use.


Your first private lesson is FREE.
Flying Colors accepts payment in cash, personal check or credit card.

Please call or email the studio to schedule private lessons.

Cancellation Policy:

If you wish to cancel your session, notice must be given 24 hours prior to the class start time. Cancellations made without a full 24 hours notice will require a credit card reservation for all future appointments. Upon a second cancellation without proper notice, a charge to that credit card will be assessed for the full cost of the missed class.

Group Pilates Mat Classes:

Want to improve your posture, increase flexibility while also toning your muscles from head to toe? Pilates is a system of exercises that are performed seated or while lying down on your back, side or front. The movement is safe AND effective. It improves posture, balance, and flexibility; it increases coordination, strengthens bones and muscles and decreases stress. All the mat classes we provide are appropriate for beginning to intermediate level students.

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About the Hollister Ca, Studio