SUMMER SESSION IS READY FOR REGISTRATION NOW. Summer session is open to full capacity and starts July 5th. 

Our lobbies are now open to full capacity. For now we are continuing to wear our masks indoors. We will update everyone as restrictions continue to lift. 


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Welcome To Our Dance Family

At Flying Colors Dance we believe a solid dance education in a nurturing environment helps young people grow into exceptional adults. Supporting this belief are what we consider to be our core values: connect; educate; comfort; impact; excellence. At Flying Colors Dance we strive to connect everything we do to our core values. By connecting to our core values we are influencing the lives of everyone in our studio, and in our extended community, in a positive way. 

Connect From the moment you walk in our door we want you to feel like family! Bring your children, relax in our lobby, socialize, and make new friends. 

Educate Our teachers are passionate about education. For us, teaching dance is more than steps and tricks. Every class offers a new opportunity to educate our students about anatomy, relationship, expression, and connection. As well as determination, perseverance, and the rewards that come from hard work.

Comfort We welcome you and your family into our space with open arms. And we pride ourselves on providing an educational environment that teaches the whole child, not just the dancer. 

impact Flying Colors is passionate about giving back to the community. We donate a dollar of each recital ticket sold to charity every year and often donate to local fundraisers  It is our hope that our efforts to support our community, and expose more children to the arts, will have an overall positive impact in San Benito County.

excellence Your child will learn technique and artistry in an environment that imparts discipline, rewards persistence and encourages teamwork. Along with a great dance education we believe in teaching the whole child. Students will develop strong dance technique, while also developing confidence and the ability to pursue excellence in every aspect of their life.  


I take my girls to Flying Colors because Amy makes them feel special. She never makes them feel like they can't do anything and she goes above what she has to make each class fun for the kids.

Jennifer L., Parent

Mrs. Amy is the best dance teacher I've ever met. She is great with the kids, they love her! Everyone should try any of her classes! She is great! The parade was a great experience as she made all the girls feel special. They had a great time and we will do it again. We love her! 

My daughter loved dance camp. She's been asking all year for it to come back. She loved seeing her friends daily. The songs and dances were grade appreciate. We loved it!

Kasey O., Parent

Isabel S., Parent