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WE'VE MOVED! New phone number: 831-630-0188

Going forward our classes will be held at San Benito Dance Academy & our 618 San Benito Street location.

The 4th street location is permanently closed

All office hours and business will be conducted out of San Benito Dance. 

101 McCray Street Suite 104 - in the Lucky's Shopping Center

Summer Camps and Classes are ready for registration!



(Youth & adult)




(caregiver & Me)


Welcome To Our Dance Family

Flying Colors exists to provide a space where youth in our community can freely express themselves in an environment that is inclusive and creative. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to learn to dance in a loving, supportive environment. We know that dance education develops body confidence, self esteem, and emotional empathy. By providing dance education that is centered around inclusivity, creativity, connection, and education we are helping the youth in our community grow into compassionate, productive adults.

Connect Inside the classroom students learn to connect with their fellow students. Outside the classroom our lobby is a welcoming place where families have the ability to interact and build new relationships. Our studio, as an organization, practices and encourages positive impact and philanthropy in our community. 
Educate We are passionate about education and strive to connect the artistry, technique, and practice of dance, to the challenges, goals and developmental stage of each of our students. Students are taught technical skills while also learning about self expression, creative problem solving and teamwork. 

Include Flying Colors strives to be a diverse space that welcomes all students interested in expressing themselves through movement. No matter their ability, our students find a space where they can feel seen and included. 

Create  Our classes encourage creativity everyday! We provide opportunities for our students to express themselves and showcase their personal narrative through workshops and performances. 

achieve  At Flying Colors we celebrate milestones and set future goals. We encourage our students to persevere through challenges and provide a pathway for achievement.


I take my girls to Flying Colors because Amy makes them feel special. She never makes them feel like they can't do anything and she goes above what she has to make each class fun for the kids.

Jennifer L., Parent

Mrs. Amy is the best dance teacher I've ever met. She is great with the kids, they love her! Everyone should try any of her classes! She is great! The parade was a great experience as she made all the girls feel special. They had a great time and we will do it again. We love her! 

My daughter loved dance camp. She's been asking all year for it to come back. She loved seeing her friends daily. The songs and dances were grade appreciate. We loved it!

Kasey O., Parent

Isabel S., Parent

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